A New Chapter Begins

Transitioning from Talent Garden to Testbusters

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Hi, I'm Marco 👋

I'm Chief Product and Technology Officer at a growth-stage company in Italy where I lead both product and engineering teams through big wins, tough failures, and all the dynamic moments in between.

On the other side I'm a solopreneur, or better say, an indie hacker: I design, build and grow personal projects.

I started this journal to capture everything I've learned, and continue to learn, about designing, building, delivering, and growing digital products.

If you want to follow me through this journey:

The past month has been incredibly busy, and there's a reason for that...

As you might remember, a little over a year ago, I joined Talent Garden as Head of Product for the education division.

I feel lucky to have had this privilege; one year in a scale-up is equivalent to three years in a regular company.

I feel like I've learned a lot and hope I've given just as much in return.

I've worked with many competent people, and together, we've laid the groundwork to redefine Talent Garden's digital ecosystem, evolving the experience for our students and beyond.

Despite this, sometimes paths have to diverge, and I've decided to continue my journey elsewhere.

All I can do now is thank everyone for helping me grow both professionally and personally. You are fantastic people!

Once a Tagger, always a Tagger
Once a Tagger, always a Tagger

...as they say at Talent Garden: Once a Tagger, always a Tagger.

What's next?

A new adventure awaits.