Becoming a Digital Nomad

From Chief Technology Officer to digital nomad

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Hi, I'm Marco 👋

I'm Chief Product and Technology Officer at a growth-stage company in Italy where I lead both product and engineering teams through big wins, tough failures, and all the dynamic moments in between.

On the other side I'm a solopreneur, or better say, an indie hacker: I design, build and grow personal projects.

I started this journal to capture everything I've learned, and continue to learn, about designing, building, delivering, and growing digital products.

If you want to follow me through this journey:

Hey friends,

At the end of last year, Annalisa, my partner, and I left Monza to fulfill our dream of becoming digital nomads.

The plan was to relocate for a while to Southeast Asia, but travel wasn't possible due to the pandemic. So, we set out and visited the Canary Islands, Spain, and Portugal—truly amazing places!

A special shoutout to Mirador de El Risco de Famara in Lanzarote.

This journey allowed me to reconnect with myself and make a decision I had been postponing for a long time: start a new adventure.

I’ve been working at Vitesy as the Chief Technology Officer for four and a half years, a period during which I've grown significantly both professionally and personally.

I've had experiences few can claim: from designing new IoT devices to raising nearly 2 million on Kickstarter, from managing a team to extensive travels across the United States and Asia.

But more importantly, I've met people with whom I’ve genuinely connected, both during and outside work hours - people who evolved from colleagues to friends with whom to grab a drink in the evening, share stories and thoughts, laugh together, and play foosball.

For these reasons, the decision to leave was one of the hardest I could take.

However, the trip made me realize that living is not about how much, but how, and the desire to follow my dreams turned out to be stronger.

So, here we are today.

At this moment, I am embarking on a new adventure as Head of Product at Talent Garden.

I’m very curious to see what the next few months will bring, but above all, I am excited to learn many new things. I'll make sure to keep you posted here.